About the Author


If you want some labels, here are some that have fit me for a while: egalitarian, evangelical, feminist, charismatic, Calvinist (maybe–some days you might find me an open theist), interested in mystics and some Catholic theology, lover of Eastern Orthodoxy and some of its theology, but definitely a Protestant in my approach to theology!

Until recently, I have not identified with any one denomination, but this fall I joined the Anglican Church of North America, in the Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO) Diocese. I am loving it. It is one of the few places that pulls all of my varying theologies together! My diocese is charismatic, evangelical, and ordains women. The liturgy is traditional–I have nothing against and actually love non-traditional forms of worship, but I am enjoying worshiping through this older vehicle of the faith. It is worth preserving, even if there are other equally valid ways.

As a new Anglican, I am still an evangelical committed to the study of scripture. As I continue with this blog, I hope you may be encouraged in your faith, deepened and stretched in your understanding of scripture and resulting theology, and inspired to greater hope and love.