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Happy Father’s Day Ode

My Dad
My Dad

The blaze of a mid-May Saturday afternoon inspired me to wash my car last month. My clunker has a broken window, semi-permanently rolled down about four inches. I say “semi-permanently” because it would sink down a few more inches every now and then until I yanked it up, and now it has fallen all the way down. My previous method of going to the car wash was not an option. Over the winter, I relied on the rain to “clean” my car. (Surprisingly, my seats did not get that damp with the window permanently down…) But a whole spring without much rain meant my car was REALLY dirty. My car’s side panel and passenger window were caked in hard water deposits from an over-active sprinkler. I could barely see through the passenger window. And of course, eating breakfast regularly in the car meant I had crumbs and coffee spillage in the interior. I usually have more important things to do than wash my car, but it was time.

So, that hot Saturday afternoon I removed the various items that had collected inside my car, vacuumed the inside, and wiped down the dashboard. And I was just finishing up the interior clean-up when my dad came over and offered to help. I was parked in my parents’ driveway, and my dad asked me to move my car so that he could mow the lawn. But then, he said, he would help me wash it and remove the water deposits.

I was not opposed to help. So I re-parked it and went inside to make a sandwich while he mowed the lawn.  When I came back out, my dad was not in sight, but there was a bucket of suds and the hose was turned on and ready for use. He had also pulled out his favorite long-handled car washing brush for me to use. For some reason, lugging out the hose and hunting down the bucket for car washing are not my favorite activities, so I was relieved to see that cleaning paraphernalia.

After putting away the lawn mower, my dad came over to help scrub, just like he had promised. And we pulled out some newspaper and vinegar to remove those hard water deposits. As we came to the windows, he asked me, “So, have you ever noticed that when it rains the water just slides off your windshield?”

Well, yes, I had noticed that a few times. Why?

He told me, “That’s because I have been putting Rain-X on your windows! Oh, and I’ve replaced your wiper blades about three times.”

Oh, really now?

My dad was speaking nonchalantly, but he clearly found his secret service humorous. I just had to laugh.

The last time I had bought new wiper blades was two or three years ago, right before the supposedly temporary move back in with the parents to help me go back to school. I had splurged on wiper blades, buying the blades that cost $18.99 instead of $12.99. I had thought my wiper blades continued to be functional because of the extra $6.00 investment. Instead, it turns out my dad likes doing good deeds on the sly.

Thanks, dad.  You crack me up.


Happy Father's Day!!!
Happy Father’s Day!!!





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